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Are you an avid runner that is constantly plagued by injuries?

New runner wanting some key tips on improving running performance?

Or maybe you want to improve your performance in other sports? 

A running analysis would be worth the time for all of these reasons!

Our comprehensive running analysis looks at:

  1. Static and dynamic posture

  2. Walking mechanics—-> Running Mechanics

  3. Brief screening of whole body biomechanics and orthopedic history


From our analysis we can:
1.  Make suggestions on appropriate running shoes for you
2.  Set-up appointment to fit you for custom-made orthotics if appropriate
3.  Give specific exercises that address specific deficits found during analysis to prevent injury and optimize running mechanics/performance

Running Analysis

Proper Running Form Video

Follow-up sessions are available on an as need basis. Don’t hesitate…call us today and begin enjoying running more than you ever did!

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