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In a perfect world the human would be able to carry out his/her daily tasks, from work to play without need for additional support to the foot.  (Check out Jennifer Watson’s BLOG on the book “Born to Run”) However, growing up in the American culture the need for a good, supportive shoe may be imperative.


In addition to a good shoe there are some individuals may need custom-made orthotics.   An individual may need a custom-made orthotic due to structure of the ankle/foot.  Genetics, acute trauma or degenerative changes may be contributors influencing the structure of the ankle/foot.  No matter the reason an individual may need orthotics, the orthotic can enhance body symmetry, normalize ankle/foot mechanics, and optimize functional movement such as walking, running, or higher level sport.


Our lead therapist, Jennifer Watson, is certified in customizing an orthotic specific for you.  In collaboration with Sole Supports we can develop a quality orthotic specific for you needs.

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