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Probably one of the first things you may think about when you think of chronic pain is back pain…you would be correct in thinking so! Back pain is the #1 orthopedic reason people seek a physician. If not effectively treated it can often lead to chronic pain with ultimate decrease in function and changes in lifestyle.


There are, however, many other sources of chronic pain ranging from but not limited to: systemic disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis; neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or parkinson’s; neurovascular trauma such stroke or traumatic brain injury; repeated trauma to a region of the body such as sports injuries; multiple systems trauma such as from an auto accident.

No matter where your chronic pain may originate from we can help! Chronic pain often involves many tissues & systems of the body. Our “integrative” systems approach to an evaluation implements comprehensive assessment tools with the ultimate goal of finding primary and secondary sources of pain. From there a comprehensive treatment plan is formed with implementation

Chronic Pain

of integrative manual therapy, functional & postural restoration exercises unique to you. It is often the case that we access nutritionists, chronic pain specialists, and other alternative care specialists to aid in healing for chronic pain cases.


Overall body wellness is key in chronic pain cases with Watson Wellness making full efforts to optimize function & maximize outcome.

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