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Mission Vision

Watson Wellness

2362 East Prospect Road

Fort Collins, CO 80525

We are dynamic and progressive out-patient physical therapy practice.


Taking a more alternative & innovative approach to healing we implement the most up-to-date techniques. The “niche” of our practice includes the implementation of integrative manual therapy in combination with restorative breathing techniques,  functional orthopedics and postural restoration exercises. By providing a combination of structural and functional rehabilitation to maximize healing & function, our goal is to improve overall wellness & quality of life as well as aid in prevention of future pain & dysfunction.


The hands on approach taken in all areas of rehabilitation provide the environment to reach the highest potential of each individual’s body… a more balanced you.

Our Vision

To utilize comprehensive assessment tools & techniques that appreciate all areas of wellness allowing for optimal healing, health, performance, and balance unique to each individual.

Our Mission

  To empower the client with the knowledge and skills needed to

     maximize health & wellness while ultimately creating the best version of oneself.  

Jennifer Watson
Owner/Lead Therapist

Jennifer is the owner and primary therapist of Waston Wellness. She received her undergraduate degree in kinesiology and a Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During her time at Wisconsin Jennifer was also a member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison track & field team in which she received All-American honors. As she began her work, her interests began to grow outside the athletic arena. She has completed over 650 hours of continuing education courses in manual therapy, functional orthopedics, and postural restoration. Her most recent specialty certification she received in Integrative Manual Therapy from the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy. She is also currently working toward full certification in postural restoration. Her areas of focus & expertise include acute & chronic pain (adolescent to geriatric), spine & pelvic rehab, sports injuries and a special interest in men & women’s health. She has taken part in public speaking to physician groups, hospitals & high schools, athletic teams & fitness organizations, and other small businesses on various platforms of physical therapy. She is also working with nutritionists, alternative care specialists and physicians on developing a strong network of healthcare providers that can provide the client with an accessible and comprehensive health plan.


Current Memberships:


Jennifer’s special interests and hobbies include hiking, running/competitive racing, yoga, stand-up paddle and anything to do with the beach!  She also enjoys reading, hanging with family & friends and takes special joy in hanging with her nephews.  Jennifer has a passion for the organizations Wounded Warriors and Life Rolls On and continues to take active rolls in events throughout the year.

Justice Maxwell Watson
July 31st 2008- February 16, 2017

"In memory of the greatest dog I have ever known.  Justice was a true healer, mentor, and friend to many.  He touched so many lives as a therapy dog and most importantly touched mine.  He will forever be apart of this practice and his lessons will continue to bring healing and wellness to all that grace our doors. You were a  BIG dog with a BIG life...You were SPECTACULAR."

In Memory Of Justice
Therapy Dog

Jen Bio
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