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Functional Orthopedics

Functional Orthopedics: addresses individual recruitment patterns and compensatory movements that are impeding optimal function and performance. Static and dynamic postures (from basic to higher level movements) are assessed and treated.

Movement is KEY!


We have been hunters and gatherers since the beginning of our existence.  Our sedentary lifestyle among other influences such as stress and diet have contributed to dysfunctional movements (static and dynamic) and ultimately pain & dysfunction.  Functional Orthopedics will address these dysfunctions with a variety of treatments.

Treatment includes:

  • Manual therapy combined with neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimal motor control  

  • Single to multi-plane movements 

  • Posture and Breathing Exercises

  • Transition to Functional-Based Exercises (i.e. sport simulation, daily task simulation)



  • Gait & posture mechanics

  • Balance and coordination for basic level functional movements to higher level sport

  • Ability to manage pain and ultimately decrease risk of falls


Ultimately the treatments will help the client return to their prior status with lower risk of re-injury.

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