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Many people suffer from debilitating headaches daily. From migraine and stress headaches to allergy and “TMJ” headaches, you may often think medication may be the only relief and even that is not guaranteed. We do have other answers that won’t keep you in bed with the headaches any longer!


Many headache based symptoms can be due to the same reasons you have other pains throughout the body…joint stiffness, muscle spasm, swelling, decrease circulation and bone malalignment can happen at the cranium (head) and neck too! We address these issues  like we would any other area of the body. After assessing and finding the restricted tissues we will than combine integrative manual therapy with functional and postural exercises to enhance overall symptom relief.


Please realize headaches also can have many outside factors that contribute such as high/ constant stress or food/environmental allergies to name two. We will assist & support efforts to manage stress more effectively as well as connect you with appropriate nutritionists to effectively target & manage allergies.


Headaches do not have to control you! By creating a more balanced and symmetrical body you can get rid of headaches AND have a more balanced you…

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