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Launch of Jennifer Watson Leadership
November 2017
​Celebrating Rockstar Entrepreneurs
"Creating your own Starshine" Motivational talk

In Loving Memory of Justice

Justice Maxwell Watson was laid to rest on February 16th, 2017. He was 8 years, 6 months, and 16 days old before osteosarcoma had taken his body.

Where do I begin on this Precious life? I moved, he moved. I was his world, he was mine. For those that knew him best, knew how very special he was. I could write a book on the Beauty of him but today I will celebrate him with some beautiful tidbits of his short but BIG life.

Justice Maxwell Watson
July 31st 2008- February 16, 2017

"In memory of the greatest dog I have ever known.  Justice was a true healer, mentor, and friend to many.  He touched so many lives as a therapy dog and most importantly touched mine.  He will forever be apart of this practice and his lessons will continue to bring healing and wellness to all that grace our doors.
You were a  BIG dog with a BIG life...You were SPECTACULAR."

Watson Wellness Gives Back!
Volunteering for Local Charities and Beyond


Watson Wellness believes in service to our community. Volunteer work for local charities and beyond have given Watson Wellness opportunities and rewarding experiences that have gone outside the walls of our practice.  We continue to expand opportunities for Watson Wellness staff to “give back.” 

Holiday Tips
From Jennifer

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