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Sports medicine physical therapy has been around for years as an avenue to help treat sport-related injuries. Being a former athlete I understand the desire of many athletes to not only get back onto the playing field faster but return to prior level of athletic prowess. With the demand of higher athletic skill rising and the young kids training harder than ever at a younger age, injuries are becoming more significant and frequent.


Traditional Therapy can often take you only so far. Our athletes are more comprehensive than ever and the pressure to return to sport even greater. The good news is we have stepped-up our game to meet the needs of these athletes.


At Watson Wellness we perform an evaluation that issport-specific.

Sports Injuries

We analyze movements that the athlete may perform frequently (ie. throwing, hitting, running) and find where their potential problem may be.  In addition, a full-body assessment is performed as it is often observed that many athletes’ major problems are not at the site of pain. For example, a volleyball player may have chronic shoulder pain not because of weakness of the shoulder but because of no range-of-motion/flexibility of the back…her shoulder in essence is doing all the work because her back is not contributing as it should to allow optimal hitting.


After a thorough evaluation is performed a plan is made that will most likely incorporate manual treatment to create better alignment & symmetry through the body as well as exercises to maintain this symmetry. We follow-up with more sport-specific rehab has the athlete heals. The combination of manual therapy along with exercises has given the athletes we have treated results that get them back on the field better than ever. And isn’t that what we all want?!

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