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Summer is Here!!!

School buses are parked safely away and the lazy days of summer have finally begun. :) But don't be lazy about your health! Here are just a few quick tips to keep summer feeling great...

1. GO FARMER'S MARKETS!- Stop by the local farmer's markets and enjoy some fresh fruits and veggies... the retaining value and ultimate benefits of fresh food is amazing with a lot more "bang for your buck" than store bought.

2. TIP #1 OR SUNSCREEN?!- Yes, sunscreen is good to use when out in the hot, summer sun but don't forget #1 tip!...among the many benefits of eating better is improving skin integrity and it's resistance to sun rays! Your skin is a reflection of your better and you can avoid those sunburns too!

3. BE A KID AGAIN!- You think you're sick of the same workout you have been doing all winter...well your body is too! Play tag or hide-and-go-seek outside with your kids. To your surprise your fitness level will rise and you'll probably have the added benefit of laughter. :)

4. HYDRATION + 1!- We sweat much more during the summer. Hydration is KEY but we often forget that electrolytes must be replenished too. Choosing a good sport drink (not too high in sugar/sodium) or eating a banana can save you from muscle cramps and the effects of heat exhaustion.

5. CAN ANYONE SAY "ZZZZZ...?"- The longer days of summer can make us stay up later too...resist that urge! We need 8-10 hours of sleep/night to optimize "REM" sleep...the time your body has a chance to heal and rejuvenate for the next day. And if you get off track that week with sleep...go naps! A short nap has been shown to boost energy for the day so use that hammock in the back yard that you haven't used in awhile. :)


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