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Creating Your Fabulous!

Hello and Happy 2017 to you!

Some of you may have already gotten off to a great start for the new year while others may find January to be a mundane & uneventful month post Holiday craze. BUT I truly love this month for this exact reason! These slower months allow us to reflect, restore, and reach into ourselves.

I come to you with not another way to set your goals for 2017 but to actually help you realize you are already FABULOUS! Until we realize this our goal setting is just dreams that we struggle to believe we can attain. Realizing our unique Fabulousness is KEY. And Fabulous starts with BEING and DOING a healthy YOU.

If you already know you are pretty Fabulous keep on Rockin It. If you struggle with this or have no idea what it means to you this is a great place to start.

Here are some quick "ABC"s to a healthier you and and ultimately to realizing your Fabulous...It doesn't have to be a lot just has to be a step forward...

A= be ACTIVE! Research shows even 10 minutes of exercise a day can help decrease health risk factors associated with heart disease and cancer along with boost energy & mood, decrease brain fog, improve immunity and so much more...

B= regular BODY WORK! Yes, no matter how healthy we may think we are our body does need a "tune up" every now and again. Even a small amount of bodywork can go a long ways. There are many forms of body work out there. We implement Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) which is a profound & effective tool for balancing out ALL systems of the body and optimizing function. Let us help you keep that engine running!

C= find COMMUNITY & CONNECT! Study after study shows the need for humans to connect with people for optimal living and overall health. Being a part of a "Family" no matter how that looks for you allows us opportunities to utilize our gifts and passions, provide purpose for our lives, and provide comfort and support . AND don't underestimate the value of HUGS and human touch!

D= try DISCONNECTING from technology! Although technology has provided many benefits it has also created a lot of noise. There is some disconcerting research coming out on our inability to communicate and connect with people as our need for connecting to technology increases. Additionally new health risks from physical to psychological are being associated with our inability to "disconnect" from technology. I challenge you for ONE week to disconnect from a technology source of your choice....Facebook, T.V., video games, etc. You will be surprised not only how much better you feel but also the time you have to do some other things! Who doesn't want more time!

E= begin EATING right! For many of you this may seem like an overwhelming task. It doesn't have to be and you can start with something really basic! STAY ON THE OUTSIDE PARAMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE! Beginning here will already take out a lot of "garbage" put into our food and ultimately our mouth daily.

F= have to take a leap of FAITH. We were ALL created for a purpose. For our individual gifts to effect this world in positive way. Take a leap of FAITH on yourself and BELIEVE you are pretty Fabulous. It is amazing the things we can do when we BELIEVE...

Remember, part of knowing you are Fabulous starts with a healthy body, mind, and soul. These are some easy tips that can help you get started. You will be amazed the DOMINO effect that happens by just taking a few steps in the right direction.


Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T., C.

Watson Wellness

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