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6 Cups a Day? Coffee lovers Less Likely to Die, Study Finds

We have to be careful with studies like this because we have a tendency to gravitate toward the studies that back our addictions without even looking at the quality of the study. And believe me there IS a study to back each addiction you have.

A few things to note from the study:

1. This is a observational study. They only claim a correlation with drinking coffee and lower mortality rate.

2. They also acknowledged the complexity of other factors that could be contributing to lower mortality rate and tried to control and take out significant factors to health such as heart disease, cancer, and smoking. Studies on health can be so complex and ultimately non-conclusive as it is hard to control all factors except the one you are looking at, that can be effecting the most amazing machine ever built…the human body.

3. I do find it interesting that they studied men & women ages 50-71 years old. Some of the biggest coffee drinkers are working age. Why not start there? Also, can you really correlate these results with ALL ages with this factor in mind? Our lifestyle, stress, body systems function, past medical history etc is very different at age 20 vs. age 60.

So is coffee drinking good for you? Well I definitely would not bump up or down my coffee drinking to 6 cups a day until further research is done. Until than, why don’t we shoot for everything in moderation…

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