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Joggers Live Longer, Study Shows

I have always been a fan of running/jogging…absolutely. The benefits are amazing in so many components of health. The effects of jogging on living longer? Not sure if this is the study to look at. The study was performed in the seventies and components contributing to health and how they interact with each other have changed drastically in many ways. Also, the study seems a little too general on exercise regimen performed, population involved, and other key factors that may have influenced life span.

Aside, I had to laugh when they hypothesized that the improvement in psychological well-being may be due to increase in socialization with jogging. One, there are plenty of other ways to “increase” socialization than running and most people would probably do that. The reason why people may jog anyway? Well, through the years we have seen studies reveal significant changes in the physiology of the human body that is directly correlated to exercise including anatomy involved in feeling good and well …adrenaline and cortisol are just some of these “happy” pills among others that make you feel really good and yes, even like you can conquer the world. So get on your shoes and let’s see if you can change your outlook on life.

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